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IdMat supplies the full range of solutions for lifting and handling. Our wire rope, chain and textile slings are made to order in our workshops.

IdMat has also developed its own lifting components, made in steel alloys using advanced manufacturing processes.

Safety in lifting & transportation : we offer lifting equipment and a full range of tie-down / lashing products.

For total quality assurance, IDMAT pays attention to every detail. We can help you put all your projects on a sound footing, and make your life easier at the same time.

Want technical advice? You’re in the right place, get in touch!

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CHAIN SLING (-1 to -4 legs) - TEXTILES  (round slings, flat webbing slings) - WIRE ROPE SLING (2eyes wire rope slings, whipcheck safety cables) - LASHING SYSTEMS (webbing ratchet system, lashing chain, load binder, edge protection, towing chain) - GRADE 80 COMPONENTS (chain, coupling, master link, hooks, shackle, hand lifting point, weld-on eye, eye foundry hook) - ROPE (4-strand, braided rope, engine start, cotton wired ball, pulley rope, ratchet pulley) - LIFTING CLAMP (concrete pipe, lifting clamp, border clamp) - LIFTING GEAR (hoist, rack jack, forklift, lever chain hoist, pulley, winch) - CABLE FITTINGS (non rotating, warrington seale, metallic core, fiber core, wirerope clips, thimbles, eye nut, turnbuckle, quick link,shackle, long link chain, plastic chain)