CHR Lifting chain Grade 10 EN 818-2


Our G10 lifting CHAIN, available in the same level of steel quality as our Grade8 chain CHR, 100% in accordance with EN 818-2, always delivered with certificate of conformity EN 10204-2.1.

Class 10 alloy steel increase of 25% the lifting capacity for the same chain diameter compared to Class 8. For same charge, it often allows to reduce the diameter, and therefore weight, and thus facilitates lifting operations and handling of your slings.

Our Grade10 chain is available with reference G100CHR, available from 6 to 16mm per 50 meter drum or cut according to your needs. We guarantee the traceability of our G10 chain thanks to a batch number every meter, whereby we can track the chain from the raw material used for its production.

A conformity certificate EN 10204 2.1 is sent automatically at shipment of your order. If you want to go further in your quality approach, no problem, IDMAT accompanies you closer to your needs, a raw material certificate EN 10204-3.1 is available on request.

Our Grade10 chain is 100% compliant with the EN818-2 standard, and only a RAW MATERIAL certificate can guarantee it. This compliance with the EN 818-2 standard guarantees reliability and durability for securing lifting operations.

With IDMAT lifting products, your safety is our concern.